“Collaboration between businesses by exchanging and sharing resources in order to develop customer service together. By Siam Group Global Trade Co,. Ltd. will serve as a consultant to customers who manufacture products by Cosmaprof Co,. Ltd. And have a desire to distribute online, which is consulted from the start.”

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With more than ten years of experiences, both us and our partners, aiming to create sustainable products and services with guaranteed results and safety of international standards. For maximum satisfaction by conducting business fairly.

Kunlapat Kamol, Ph.D. : Managing Director



Cosmaprof Co., Ltd. was established in April 2004.

By Dr. Pavin Wisetpataya, a physician specializing in skin cosmetics.

            With leadership in the cosmetics industry in Thailand. One thing we’re always aware of is the use of high technology in manufacturing. And dedicated to professional employees including pharmacists, scientists, and chemists. Person who is responsible for both research and development as well as the production. In order to maintain the position of the leading cosmetics factory. Meet the diverse of the marketable.

            The main customers are dermatologists, cosmetic specialists and leading cosmetic brands. Cosmaprof Co., Ltd. provide product development services to suit your budget. Starting from the materials, packaging, it also recommends marketing to make your cosmetic brand sustainable.

            Cosmaprof Co., Ltd. uses the materials to produce more than 1 ton of cosmetics per day, producing about 20,000 filling and labeling capacities per day. The basic products are categorized by products such as sunscreen, brightening cream, acne care products and cleaning products, etc.

            We have an experienced management team consisting of: Chemical Engineer, Marketer, and Business Researcher. Which works with partners to engage in business between us and you. Have tranquility and do not lose of business opportunities for distribution. In addition, a team of more than 300 quality personnel will develop your business with you as well as a customer service team to build a good relationship with our customers.



Provided a team of branding consultants for you. Free consultation at no extra cost to make your brand successful.

  • Branding for online distribution.
  • Sales planning and Marketing tactics.
  • Marketing strategy to retail and step prices to get a dealer.
  • Dealer System and Marketing for a dealer
  • Making a back-end such as an administrator
  • Choosing a marketing person for a brand from advertising any platforms as well as choosing the right influencer for brands or products, and more.