The Marijuana

         After the government has been eased, and amend the law to make marijuana legal. For a long time as an illegal plant, “The Marijuana” Regulated under the Narcotic Drugs Act in B.E. 2522 (A.D. 1979).

This defines marijuana as a categories 5 drug, as well as cottage plants and opium plants. In addition to the properties used “addictive” for relaxation and as a cure for medicines, it is also used as a therapeutic purpose. The Marijuana also have many other benefits.

Using the wisdom has been passed down since ancient times. Some civilizations of the ancient world also praised the marijuana as a sacred plant. It is used to worship gods, or even shamans use that as a cure. 

The marijuana is a plant with many therapeutic properties. Especially the cancer and epilepsy. But when the government eased to the law, People can grow it. To begin with hemp trees. And now it’s announced that marijuana is no longer a drug.

         Once we can grow or take advantage of hemp trees and marijuana, in the old days, it was restricted to medical only. It’s a huge opportunity for people who are particularly interested in it. Whether it be the dietary, medicine to the cosmetics or supplement industry.      

Now, anyone capable to have their own brand. Especially the new trends such as hemp and marijuana. Therefore, people who find opportunities first always have an advantage.

The best news now is Cosmaprof Company Limited, a supplement factory. More than 15 years of experience, there is information and recipes. To use hemp and marijuana extracts in the supplements and cosmetics industry. Quality and safety with a legal license.

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