What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Many people mistakenly believe that hemp tree is marijuana. Hemp trees actually resemble marijuana plants, but the properties or effects extracted vary greatly. Hemp is not a marijuana -like addictive plant, and it is also commonly grown for processing knitting products.

Hemp and marijuana are plants native to the same plant. It is native to the warm regions of southern Siberia. Persia, Kashmir of India. And in northern China, the species was different from the original one and then formed a plant called hemp.

Hemp trees have stems more than 2 meters tall, a long internode, but the branches are small and branched in the same direction. Tough peel is easy to peel, providing high quality long fibers. The leaf plate is yellowish green. The leaves are about 7-9 points.

The lining of the leaves is quite far away. When flowering, there are not many rubbery on the inflorescences. The seeds are large and somewhat striped. The seed surface is rough, when the leaves are pumped, they have a less fragrant aroma, causing the addict to have headaches, so they are not popular to smoke like marijuana plants.

While the cannabis tree is less than 2 meters tall, it has a short internode, very branched and the branches are alternating. The peel is not tough and is difficult to peel, resulting in poor quality fibers. Therefore, it is not commonly used as the hemp plant.

In addition, the leaves are green to green, and the leaves are about 5 to 7 points. when flowering, the edges are very rubbery, The seeds are small, the surface of the seeds is shiny, when pumped, it smells like hay and, importantly, has a high THC content, so it is popular for recreational and medical purposes.

We’ve already seen differences in hemp and marijuana plants, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we should choose to suit your needs.

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