The Hemp Indications

Many people may mistakenly believe that hemp and marijuana are the same plants. But actually, the appearance of stems or leaves is only similar. But the Indications are very different. And more importantly, hemp trees are plants that are not illegal because they do not contain substances about drugs. Because it is a plant with many benefits and indications.

  1. Hemp seeds are a tonic to help them grow, but it is not recommended to overeat them as they may cause panic and unconsciousness.
  2. The leaflet of hemp trees, when extracted with alcohol, are given a substance called cannabis indika tincture. This is characterized by a green liquid. When using about 5 to 15 drops, it has medicinal indications, helping to treat neuropath. It also helps to relieve the feeling of relaxation, easy sleep, dreaming, and also solves brain disabilities.
  3. Hemp blossoms are used as an antidote to nerve diseases, insomnia, overthinking, or for anorexic patients. By bringing it to cook for food.
  4. The leaves are used as an antidote to yellowing fever, exhaustion, trembling, shaking sound.
  5. Hemp leaves are also used as an asthma medication, helping to enlarge the trachea and reduce bronchial contractions. Method is to cut the fresh leaves into shredded and then dry. And then use as a cure for the disease.
  6. Seeds have anti-constipation properties, especially for the elderly, where hemp seeds contain up to 30 percent of the oil.
  7. The flower of hemp trees is mixed with pungent medicine. Cut it and pump it into medicine. It can help bite phlegm in the throat as well.
  1. Hemp seeds can be an anti-thirsty drug.
  2. Green liquid extracted from leaflet with alcohol It has anti-coccidiosis, abdominal pain and diarrhea, which can also be used for seeds.
  3. Lanna folk wisdom is to mix 3 hemp seeds with 3 peppers. Then grind it to powder used to mix water every night as a contraceptive for women.
  4. Hmong residents prefer to chew fresh seeds and eat them as a gallstone breakdown.
  5. The stems of hemp trees can be an antidote to eczema dermatitis.
  6. The leaves have blood tonic properties, helping the blood to circulate better.

The indications of hemp trees are many. It is also a plant that has been grown since ancient times. It has been used as a remedy for various medicines according to folk wisdom, but now medicine has developed more. Many useful hemp substances are extracted. Especially in medicine. It is also used as a mixture of supplements and cosmetics.

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